Theatre, especially musical theatre, has always been one of my biggest passions, so I’m thrilled when I get the chance to work with it! I created these spoof posters for use on the set of a production of Mel Brooks’ The Producers in Rialto, CASome of them played an especially key part in one scene, so it was fun to watch my work be showcased onstage!


If you’re not familiar with the plot of The Producers, (go see it…it’s quite funny!) the story centers around a pair of Broadway producers who set out to make the most offensive show ever (“Springtime for Hitler”) in the hopes that it would flop and they could scam their way into making millions. But in a series of zany twists, the show ends up being a hit, and they go on to create lots of other awful musicals…hence these posters.


Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 2.45.36 PM

Click any of the images or the thumbnails to see them closer.

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